Our Tiny Troops families love our soccer program, and have a lot to say about how it has helped their child/ren to become better in a variety of aspects. Take a moment and read what these parents had to say!


"Our daughter had a significant speech delay. Because of that her temperament was extremely volatile. We tried some other things, but the classes were too advanced, too big, or just not patient enough. Since signing her up her speech has taken off, she's much better at sharing and listening to instructions, and loves to help clean up. When she sees another kid struggling she tries to hold their hand and help, when she wouldn't do that before. We love Coach Karen! She is so good with all the kids!"
- Shannon

"We have a very wild toddler who doesn’t do well in team settings. The coaches we’ve had with Tiny Troops have worked so well with him and have so much patience with all of the kids! We tried bigger soccer teams that didn’t work out because they don’t have the patience to work with him and make sure he’s following directions. At such a young age, he’s already learned basic soccer skills and he’s so proud of himself when he accomplishes them on his own. I can’t wait until March so we can sign him back up!"
- Arilyssa

"My daughter began Tiny Troops Soccer when she was 3 and just absolutely loved it! I didn't play sports in school, but soccer seemed to come naturally to her. Her coaches were so patient with the kids and provided clear directions/instructions for them. As an only child, it was a great avenue for her to learn how to play well with others and learn sportsmanship. She's 5 now and can't wait until the Spring to play again."

- Torre

"Our son is autistic, non verbal, and he couldn’t jump or kick on his own when we started soccer. Although most Saturdays are a struggle to get him to cooperate, once he gets going on the field, he loves it. He’s now able to kick the ball and we’re almost able to jump. I can’t wait till it starts back up again."

- Ceci

"My son is autistic, about to be 3, and also non verbal. It takes him a while to warm up to others and when we started Tiny Troops the coach was just WONDERFUL here at Schofield Barracks! She knew sign language herself and was so patient with him and made him feel so comfortable along with the other kiddos. It has really helped my son with his social skills. He gets excited when he goes on Saturday mornings!"

- Jacqueline

"Tiny Troops has been amazing. My daughter was shy, especially when asked to do a specific task in front of people. Now she can't stop talking about soccer and her coach and her new friends. The confidence she is developing is amazing!

- Sophie

"Our toddler was so scared of other kiddos until we joined soccer. Coach Beth really helped her interact with the other toddlers, and made it fun instead of scary."

- Miranda

"I have two daughters who are developmentally behind with communication. I feel like this program has helped them better socially and with understanding commands."

- Sarah

"Tiny Troops helped introduce my daughter to her very first glimpse of the sports world. It has helped her learn skills and improve balance."

- Summer

"It has helped my daughter with communicating and simple transitions. She used to have anxiety with them, but soccer and other sources have helped a lot. She missed it in December. She was asking for soccer."

- Paola