Japan Tiny Troops Soccer® Field Directions

Commander Fleet Activities Yokosuka

Sakura Heights Tower Area - On Base

Main Base: The field will be set up in the greenspace behind the Sakura Heights Tower on the corner of 4th and Gridley


  • Sakura Heights Tower parking lot in VISITOR SPACES ONLY
  • Sakura Heights playground
    • Turn left off of Gridley (heading towards Gridley tunnel) as if heading to the Naval Oceanography Antisubmarine Warfare Center.
    • There are several spaces next to the playground at the bottom of the hill

Coming from the Sakura Heights Tower parking lot:

  • Follow the sidewalk between Sakura and the Spruance Townhomes
  • The field will be off to your left before you reach the playground

Coming from the Sakura Heights playground:

  • Walk through the playground to the front of the Spruance Townhomes
  • The field will be off to your right in between the set of townhomes



Camp Foster

  • Go through the Commissary gate (off of 58)
  • Turn left at the light by the Chow Hall/Foster Furniture store
  • Turn right at stop sign to park in Gunners Gym lot on your left
  • Go to the back left corner of the lot
  • Open area field is to left of parking lot

Camp McTureous

  • Go through the Camp McTureous main gate
  • Stay straight
  • Pass the school and pool
  • Turn left into parking lot after pool
  • Fields are on the right