Policies and Information

Tiny Troops Soccer®
Policies & Information


Equipment Requirements & Guidelines – All items listed below must be brought to each session!

*Soccer ball (size 3 preferred). *Please visibly mark it with your child’s name.

*Shin Guards/Cleats - All players must wear closed toe shoes (sneakers or cleats). Shin guards are optional for 1- 4 year old's.

*Advanced Skills players must have shin guards and cleats.

* Water - Hydrate the night before as well as before, during, and after session. (Your Coach will have water bottles on hand in case you forget, so ask if needed). Please do not give snacks to your child during session.

*Dress appropriately!  Please dress appropriately for the weather and bring a towel in case of rain!

*Sunscreen is recommended.

Weather Notification/Cancellation
*Sessions will be held during the summer (high temperature) and some winter (cold temperature) months.  If you choose to sign up for these month(s), you are acknowledging the potential risk of doing so, and that it is your responsibility to remove your player if you feel the conditions are unsuitable for him/her (no refunds will be given for this reason).

*If there is heavy rain or thunderstorms at location, we will reschedule.  We will post on our Facebook page if any sessions are cancelled 45 minutes prior the session start time (if the first session of the day is cancelled, the remaining ones are as well).  There will be two pre-scheduled make up-sessions each month to be used only if a session is cancelled by TTS (they will not be used if an individual player has to miss a session for any reason). If make-ups are cancelled due to weather, it is considered an “act of God” and session(s) will be voided. *Please note that make-ups cannot be scheduled into the next month and no refund will be given for voided sessions.

*We will do our best to use the current and forecasted conditions to determine if we will attempt a session for that day. If it is a go, we will meet at the field and wait until start time to see if conditions are suitable for play. If it is deemed unsuitable at that time, refer to the post with the pre-scheduled make-up date. If at least 25 minutes of play (or half of the session time) has occurred before weather cancellation, that session will count as a held session. We appreciate your flexibility!

*Please note that we will play in rain!

Pricing is as follows:
- Soccer Playtime Sessions: Ages 12-23mo $8 for preregistered players/$10 day of
- 2 year old Parent and Me Sessions: $34 for the month
- 3 & 4 year old Sessions: $39 for the month
- 4.5-5.5 Advanced Skill Sessions: $48 for the month

*All payments will be collected online at the time of registration. No refunds will be given unless there is an emergency (deemed by TTS) which prevents attendance. No refunds will be made on or after the 1st of the month of play regardless of reason. No make-ups are given unless cancelled and rescheduled by TTS (as mentioned above).

Behavior Policy
*If your child has an issue participating (listening, keeping hands to him/herself) and/or leaves the field, it is your responsibility to bring the child back/help to participate appropriately. Please limit your time on the field to an as-needed basis as not to interfere with the session.

*For 2 year old Parent & Me sessions, one parent is required to participate with their child throughout each session.

Communication will be made via our Facebook page – Tiny Troops Soccer, as well as via e-mail and text message.  Please ‘like’ our page and follow it for information and cancellations. If you have any questions, please send us a FB message.

*We will post pictures and videos from sessions on our Facebook page.  If you do not want your or your child’s picture on our page or other publications/videos, please indicate that at sign-up. All pictures and videos taken are property of TTS with full rights for usage as necessary by TTS.


*By signing up for a session, you agree to adhere to these Policies and the Liability Waiver & Release of All Claims and Assumptions of Risk.